Unforeseen cultural activity expenses boosted as part of pre-election campaign

2012.08.11 ავტორი:

Poti City Hall has made changes to the budget on two separate occasions this year and has increased it with 133 000 GELs to finance cultural activities. City council proved changes without any special meetings but they haven’t given any interpretations what are the aims of this increase and how they are planning to spend the money.

258 500 GELs are put into Poti budget for cultural activities from which 173 000 GELs are for the activities planned beforehand such as  new year events, mother’s day, different festivals and etc.


And 85 500 GELs are for unforeseen cultural activities which were increased with 20 000 GELs on the 13th of July and with 15 000 GELs on the 24th of July by the local government of Poti according to the tenders which were received from savings.


Mayor’s Office of Finance and Economic Development Head officer, Sulkhan Tolordava explains that he had the authority to let the amount of money increase and that’s why he let the aforementioned sum be added.


“Chairman of the Board determines the edicts of allocations and expenditures of the sum,”  - he said.


According to the statement of Chairman of the Board, Ivane Saghinadze  -“ the need to increase the sum existed.” As he says regatta is going to be held in Poti. But at the same time he avoids to speak about this issue more specifically.


Ivane Saghinadze explains that his deputy Lasha Beraia who is also the head of local organization of “Christian Democrats”  is competent on this aforementioned issue.


At the meeting of the City Council L. Beraia didn’t support the changes made to the budget. According to him the aforementioned unexpected increase in funding serves not the purposes of cultural activities but the purposes of election campaigns.


Beraia supposes that this increased funding will serve pre-election events in order to propagate in different ways.


“ Various cultural activities are always risen for pre-election events in order to propagate their own party,” – Beraia stated.


According to the six-month data, 80 000 GELs were spent on unforeseen cultural activities but it is unclear what unplanned cultural activities were spent money on and the head of cultural department can’t name even one of them.


“I can’t say anything so, I am on holiday, send us a letter and we will answer,” – Kemularia said.


The head of the youth organization of “National Movement” Misha Pirtskhalava talked to TSpress about conducted cultural-entertaining events which were financed under the aegis of management team and local budget.


According to the information of Mayor’s Office of Finance and Economic Development, they had approximately the same amount of money for cultural activities last year. However as 25 000 GELs were not completely used yet, they distributed the noted sum to different directions.


Cultural activities were financed with 183 300 GELs during the local government elections in 2010. After the elections the budget had to face the default and couldn’t meet the financial obligation. After the second quarter (April, May, June) there was a loss of 5 million GELs in the budget though they were able to add some amount of money to the budget and increase it with 1.4 % at the end of the year with the help of  Ministry of Finance.





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