Public Officials Award – 130 thousand GEL, venerable children – GEL 3200 Chocolate “Barambo”

2012.02.16 ავტორი: iza salakaia

At New Year Eve Mayor of Poti – the employees’ salaries were double as a premium. The vulnerable children -  “Barambo” sweets. For a gift to each child was allocated only 3.2 GEL by Mayor.

On holiday was not any material aid to the vulnerable families, but Hall like other holidays of the employees encouraged premiums. 

In the last year budget was foreseen about 40000 GEL for aid to the vulnerable families. These funds had been fully utilized by December 22. At the same time was allocated about 130000 GEL for employee salaries.


According saying by Head of Health, social Aid and Refugee Service, VioletaJagamadze, material aid, during the year, assistance was provided to 476 families. Amount of money given to each of up to 50-100 GEL.


New Year’s event program distributed to 1000 children from large families and vulnerable “Barambo” sweets and set them free performances at the Theatre in Poti.


For New Year’s events from the local budget was allocated 25000 GEL. About 3200 GEL was spent on buying gifts for kids or 3.2 GEL spent on each gift.


Budget office 275 workers get the bonus 6 times per year, on Narious holidays. The sum total of the amounts was about 577000GEL (At Epiphany – 105000 GEL, At Easter – 107000 GEL, At Virgin Mary – 105000 GEL, on St. George’s Day – 130000 GEL, At Christmas – 130 000 GEL)


In all cases, the premium payment, by the chairman order states that “Public Service” of the law named.


In all cases, in accordance with the order by Chairman of the Board, the premium payment is stated by the law about “Public Service”.


According to the law, employees should be encouraged for excellent performance of their duties or further, long, honest, of special importance or complexity of work. What kind of work for the premiums they received, in any case, the definition is not.





The photos are taken from the official site of facebook by VakhtangLemojava – Poti Mayor. 


Translator Nino Jagodnishvili   




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