The “Correct” selected priorities of Zugdidi Budget

2012.02.16 ავტორი:

Zugdidi Municipality Chief Financial Documents include 20 million 331 thousand GEL in 2012. The last year budget is more than 6000 GEL.

In Spite of increased budget, cost of social programs is slightly increased compared with the costs of salaries and sport and cultural events. In addition, the budget public hearing has not been. 

The increased salaries and costs

In the budget of 2012 board of finance has been increased by 212000 GEK and the total mount is of 245000 GEL. The employees’ salaries increased of 132000 GEL. Costs for the board have been increased under “Goods and Services” and “Other expenses”. Budget in the pre-allocated for bonuses is determined premium equal to the salaries of all employees of the local authority issues a year 5-6 times. It costs the budget about 60000 GEL every time.


Young Lawyers Association Lawyer Tamar Kordzaia says the opportunity of premium frequently taking is the form of vicious and the law itself is corrupt elements of the drive.


-“Premium is the promotional form and the logic can not be any salary” – says kordzaia and she ads that the situation about premiums is in chaos in the country; the chaos should be regulated through the law. Like the board salary has been increased for staff of Zugdidi Municipality by 27000 GEL and it includes about 310000 GEL.


Zugdidi Municipality cost of utility and security guard. In addition, it is planning to increase village trustees’ and specialists salaries. Zugdidi Municipality connects the costs increase with creating new revenue service and fuel price rise. Though the fuel prices have not been increased compared with data of December, last year.



Budget and Election year

In the next election year the reserve fund of the budget is being increased by 60000 GEL or 40%.


In The budget project is foreseen to increase sport and cultural events funding by 285000 GEL. Social and Health programs funding will be increased by 172000 GEL. In election year, the local government is planning to open the sculpture to Andria Dadiani. The sculpture must be installed in the territory of the Chess Place. The project cost is 200000 GEL.


This amount is allocated to the entrance repairing in town. As it is known, the local government is planning to paint the external facades of the houses and gates by the entrance.


-“To increase the costs for salaries, fuel sport and cultural events, also for funding social programs can be related to the Parliamentary Elections in 2012 and the government does its best to use these funds in the pre-election period.”-says the expert David Margania, Economic and Social Research Institute Executive Director.


To ignore the citizens’ initiative by the demand for allocating municipal transport allowances, local students applied to Municipality several times. They asked it for getting half the fare. One of the authors of the applying EsmaGabisonia said in interview with that nobody replied their letter. She says that there should be no privileged cities in Georgia. If the students can use their allowances in the capital it should be so in the rest of Georgia.


At the Institutes in Zugdidi learn about 5000 students. In the territory of town fare is 40 Tetri; the cost of arriving from the villages is 1-1,5 GEL.


The Chairman of the Audit Commission Gela Toloraia says that Municipal Transport Management studied the question and found out that the Zugdidi Budget can’t allowance to the students and pupils.


-“It is about 150-160 thousand GEL. This Allocation may not have the budget of Zugdidi;”-said Toloraia in an interview with For allowance to the vulnerable population was allocated about 10000 GEL last year; but they didn’t use them. The money was removed from the article and the amount was used for the transport allocation in the village Khurhca. At the Municipality meeting the Deputy Governor RuslanKilasonia said that the withdrawal of the vulnerable population could not be and they had to make some amendment.


In accordance with saying by David Narmania the local government ought to discuss the citizens’ initiative.


The expert Says: “The government of Tbilisi has great experience about allowances to using public transport. They could act by this sample especially if there is money. If there is money, it is demonstrated by increasing Board salaries and costs. 


In accordance to the Georgia Organic Law about local self-government, the Board introduces the budget project to the Municipality for making some amendment. By saying Zugdidi Municipality Chief of staff, discussion about budget is having in the commissions and the fractions and It will be soon but the exact date is not still determined.”


In Accordance with the law, the local municipalities must make budget approval before the beginning of the new budget year, till January 1.


In 2011 during approval the budget of Zugdidi was of 13.5 million GEL, but by allocating of state subsidies and grants it was increased by 41 million GEL. 


Translator Nino Jagodnishvili  


Funded through Democracy Commission Small Grants Program, the U.S. Embassy in Georgia

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