150 is more than 235 – the post-revolutionary logic

2012.02.15 ავტორი:

The citizens of Georgia supported to reduce MPs number from 235 to 150 at the elections with the referendum in 2003.

The motive was that of a small country does not need so many MPs mostly importantly such a large corps of deputies to keep the state budget went much.

The results of the referendum of 2008, was enacted in Parliament.

How much money for the country’s budget is composed of 150 MPs in Parliament to save or facilitated the country’s main financial document of a reduction in the number of MPs? 

Such is the dynamics of 2007-2012:

In 2007, the legislative bodies of the funds spent on salaries for staff employed 13 million GEL (among the employees are 135 deputies in the Parliament; later – 150 deputies. This year was spent 18 million GEL on the salaries of the deputies and auxiliary staff. This amount is more than 5 million GEL the previous year costs.


In 2009, Parliament was of 150 MPs (thought, eleven deputies refused to mandate in protest at and they don’t get salaries) and to fund the salaries of MPs and employees was sent more than 18 million GEL.


In 2010, 150 members of Parliament used to provide salary with 19 million GEL.


In 2011 is expected to be spent about 16 million 648 thousand GEL (there aren’t the full year figures, so the costs can be inaccurate and more than likely spent).


In 2012 is planning to be spent 16 million 648 thousand GEL on the remuneration.


Note: for years there have been busy about 900 persons in the Parliament. Steadily employed: 150 deputies the rest – auxiliary staff.


In addition, payroll fund doesn’t include parliamentarian’s other benefits, telephone, parking and other service costs. The inviting party is financing the costs of travel and visits. It left a significant amount of income (for example: David Bakradze’s financial declaration indicated that a significant amount of the save: 16000 GEL (as you know, a standard business trip and the money is transferred directly to the person’s own need to depose it).



How much is spent annually on each member to keep? How much was spent, in previous    years, by each taxpayer voter to exercise the authority of Parliament members of their own?

ავტორი: ბესო დუღაშვილი

ავტორი: ბესო დუღაშვილი

In 2007, the budget cost to exercise the authority of Parliament members of their own, was 55319 GEL; in 2008 – 93 264 GEL.In 2009 –121 073 GEL, in 2012 –116 667 GEL, in 2011 – 110 987 GEL. By the 2012 budget plan – 110987 GEL.


The economic expert TemurKopaleishvili considers salary increase as a normal phenomenon and he remembers that period when a member of the Parliament had a symbol salary – 1.5 Dollar.


In accordance with his saying, compares with last year, the salaries of parliamentarians increased drastically but Parliament has the “other costs”. Kopaleishvili Says: “It is incredible and it does not reflect diminished by half the number of deputies equal to the salary fund”.


If you do not deserve, parliamentarians, the stock of such a high salary ?  If we remember they constantly need to be taken by the laws of the amendment, the reply to the question is negative.


TemurKopaleishvili says: “One year ago, the “Tax Code”, and during this time it is a change in the law of 23. The total number of changes, but lets it pass, 680 – more tan one. For example, there is the point, the formulation of the “Tax Code”, was changed twice a year. This is called “Revolutionary Code”?! It turns out that either did not read the question or do not know.”


Faction “Christian – Democrats” representative, the Vice-Speaker LevanVepkhvadze and this fact explains the following: “Since 2007, MPs’ salaries have not changed. The number of deputies was reduced, so, I mean, the staff salary increase. Although staff has not increased to compensate, but the way premium growth. We are less able to get this information, because this device is staffed by the committee chairpersons. All of the Parliamentary Committee, “National Movement” is composed of members and it seems that they want to wrap prizes for members. This is clearly reflected in the budget”.



MPs’ salaries are rising every year

Although whose salaries have increased, of Parliamentarians or auxiliary staff, it means, to fund the whole Parliament has increased. LevanVepkhvadze agreed with this opinion too.


Representatives of the parliamentary majority: Finance-Budget Committee Chairman ZurabMelikishvili and Procedural issues and rules of the Commission Chairman KhatunaGogorishvili didn’t answer our question because of numbers as a reason to forget.


If we remember that MPs vote for the budget every year, they have to discuss it in details, we thing they do not read it or they do not confess that budget has to spend more on keeping Parliament of 150 members.

ავტორი: ბესო დუღაშვილი

ავტორი: ბესო დუღაშვილი


Although the “national” members can not remember the exact figures and parliamentary opposition connects the increase in salary bonuses with the increase the number of members, the filled out by the financial and property declarations to indicate the opposite.


Privately, the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament, MikleilMachavariani, in 2007, in the Parliament of 235 members, got the salary of 45029 GEL; in 2008, at the same post he got – 63024 GEL; the data of 2009 is not found in the database. In 2010, as a deputy Chairman of the Parliament, he got 79172 GEL.


His colleague, the Vise-Speaker of the Parliament LevanVepkhvadze. In 2008, got the salary of 30714 GEL (the difference between the salaries for these two Vice-Speakers is the result of that fact, that Vepkhvadze has become the member of the Parliament since 2008, but Machavariani was the member of the previous Parliament). In 2009 his annual salary was 65676 GEL; in 2010 69732 GEL.


The salary of ZurabMelikishvili, the member of the Parliament Finance – Budget Committee, in 2009, was 56676 GEL; in 2010 – 67232 GEL.


It is clear that by the post-revolutionary Georgian logic, budget has to spend more to keep today Parliament of 150 members than the Parliament of 235 members (MPs’ salaries are increasing every year; the pension of former parliamentarian is 560 GEL by law).

So, what was the point of a reduction in the number of MPs?


Nino Khachidze


Translator Nino Jagodnishvili 


Funded through Democracy Commission Small Grants Program, the U.S. Embassy in Georgia

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