Granted awards in terms of Budget deficit

2011.12.11 ავტორი: iza salakaia

 The employees of city council in Poti will receive a bonus of a month’s salary inSt. George’sDay.

According to the 9 month data the budget is shortage of 3 million. Crash incentives for the employees of the local budget will cost about 130 thousand GEL. This year, prizes and crash awards for civil servants were a total of 458 GEL. In connection with celebration of Epiphany the budget has allocated about 105 thousand GEL. At Easter – 107 thousand GEL. On Virgin Mary – 105 thousand GEL. 17 public officials, the Deputy Mayor, the Assistant, the Office Managers, the Tender Committee Members were allocated cash prize except award. The additional cost of the budget was about 11 thousand GEL.


According to the awards issue, published by the council chairman Vano Saghinadze, granting of bonuses to local authorities is based on “Public Service Law.”


By the law employees should be encouraged for excellent performance of their duties. Also in the case of performance additional, long honest, exceptional complex or important job.


According to decision by the local government, if every public service employee is distributed prize, this will be evaluated so that additional difficult work was equally performed by every employee. What kind of work they received in exchange for their cash incentives the definition has not been a single case of Disbursement.


Translator Nino Jagodnishvili


funded through Democracy Commission Small Grants Program, the U.S. Embassy in Georgia


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