Thirty million, “Pools of water”

2011.12.11 ავტორი: iza salakaia

For last three years on infrastructure and construction works of Poti was spent about 30 million GEL. Street flooding is one of the major problem for the town.

ფოთის დატბორილი ქუჩები

ფოთის დატბორილი ქუჩები

After several minutes of heavy rain in Poti water is in all the main streets. For the population is equally difficult to move around on foot and by car. The town infrastructure including drainage canals and network was the main priority of the budget for last three years.


According to the report by Lekso Kuchukhidze, the head of Infrastructure and Public Services Department, a sufficient number of pump stations is in Poti and all of them are in order. 


Kuchubidze says: “Today the streets do not have a flooding situation. During working for gasification and restoration of water supply the canals are sometimes left.”


The mayor of Poti Vakhtang Lemonjava said at the press conference that the roads were not provided for in the budget amount: sewage works and gasification due to digging of roads.


In The Infrastructure Service Temur Dundua says that according Dutch experts experience Poti needs 16 pumping stations to avoid flooding in the streets. For each pump station construction it is necessary of half a million GEL.


This yearPotiCity Hallspent 8 million GEL on different works of infrastructure, construction, rehabilitation and operation. This breaks down as 1.5 million was spent on amenities of houses, yards, playgrounds. For maintenance of drainage canals and cleaning works is foreseen 280000 GEL. Only 190000 GEL is allocated for maintenance of 7 pumping stations.


In 2009 the budget about 11 million GEL on different works of infrastructure construction and rehabilitation. Last year the cost amounted of 10 million GEL. 



Translator Nino Jagodnishvili

Funded through Democracy Commission Small Grants Program, the U.S. Embassy in Georgia



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